The Greenhouses

Aurora Serre S.n.c. designs and manufactures greenhouses of different types, from the simplest to the most equipped to meet all the needs of its customers. It 'also able to build large systems, as well as special structures for garden centers and garden greenhouses, with glass covers and plastic for special crops.
The company operates throughout the country and abroad, using its own staff organized for travel.
The agricultural greenhouse is an artificial environment that allows, through heating systems and self-regulation of temperature and humidity, to cultivate plants in every season of different climatic characteristics. The greenhouse is a closed environment artificially created with the intent to produce climate and suitable habitats for plants and flowers you want to grow indoors.
For what concerns the structure, the main feature is to have the walls and roof transparent, for filtering light, and a masonry base. The frame of the structure may be iron, wood, or aluminum. The roof is usually sloped, from one or from both sides, and presents the windows opening outward, for promoting aeration.